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To: JMcGinty [@] Freenet
From: BestPilot [@] Freenet

All right. I'm dressed up a bit, Demiard, since I'm going down for a talk at the university later, but I'll go down and get a blood sample with your doctors. Apparently this has something to do with that Montechristeu guy. Moore was worried sick about him. Bad case of - you know - he's not dying, but he's not well, and he wants to pretend he's okay.

Not that I blame him. From what she said, his arrest wasn't benign neglect at all. Man's inhumanity to man or - something. I need to vent at you about it. Sometime. When you're not freshly shot.

Either way, I'll meet up with you, and buy you something to munch on while we head over, and you can make sure I eat something afterwards. Maybe we'll meet your boyfriend. You did ask him, right?

You can't just coast on forever, James. If he's that important to you, maybe you should ask.
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To JMcGinty [@] Freenet:
From BestPilot [@] Freenet:

Yeah, I remember Javert. He'd ask tons of questions when I was in town when I was still flying more risky junk, and he didn't like it when I started doing the fraud thing. I think he's got a bad case of original sin on his mind. Not a terrible man, just if you do crime, you're not people any more.

Or maybe that's just me being the punk I always was.

Did you get shot?

Do I need - )
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So sorry for all of the wait. I'm presently in Victoria. The place is sort of amazing, in a very - I swear people are born clutching a pipe and something made out of brass. Lovely gears out here. Nicely made, well milled, and beautiful casting work.

I fear )


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